Fibre-glass canoe project
Sunday, July 31, 2005, 13:47


Fishing is the second main industry besides coconut farming on the Hinako islands. Many fishermen have lost their canoes in the earthquake or due to the economic decline. The large logs used for the dug out bases of traditional wooden canoes are becoming scarcer as much of the local timber is being cut for rebuilding homes.

The Leap Perahu Project helps needy fishermen by providing fiberglass canoes to replace their broken wooden ones. The fishermen are selected by a panel of local and Leap members on a “most needy” basis. The fisherman then invests his time into building the canoe, learning as he goes the basics of fiberglass construction. He pays a downpayment if he can not afford the full price, and subsidies are offered for fishermen who can not afford the deposit.

Once the canoe is complete, The fisherman then pays back the cost of the canoe in monthly installments, sometimes with fish, once this payment is complete he receives a certificate of ownership.

So far the success of the project has been phenomenal. The first fisherman who received a canoe earned over 1000 times more income than he had previously. He paid back his loan in one payment and is planning to send his teenage son to senior high school this year, a prospect he considered beyond his means. Another man was considered a danger to the community because he had no job and was often drunk due to his depression. Once construction of his canoe began, he became the talk of the village, about how much he had changed now that he had a job to do and a hope for his future. All of the men who take part in this project become part of the Leap “family” and we are able to get to know their family situation and help in other ways where possible.

We are grateful to Steve Mahnken; The Family of David Morris; IDEP; Christian Surfers Ulladulla; Woodleigh School;Yayasan O’Learys and Yayasan Iniradef for their donating funds for canoes.

If you are interested in donating the funds for a canoe please contact us.
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